Northwest NEWS

June 8, 1998


Letters to the Editor

YMCA builds strong kids, families, communities

 I often wonder how a parent can improve their chances of raising happy and successful children, and I believe I have found one of the answers.

Maybe pea patches will solve two problems

 We feel that Woodinville is already in the middle of a traffic crunch without attracting another crowd with cars.

If you are going to own a dog, put up a fence

 I was not traveling anywhere near the speed limit because of the deluge coming down, but I still couldn't stop and I hit the dog.

Politics, admissions tax, GMA

 My daughter (whose political outlook is the opposite of mine) and I agree on one thing: Dr. William Backlund is the most responsive legislator of our acquaintance.

Is this a case of conflict of interest?

 They state that with proper installation and maintenance, this system will operate as designed for years of useful service. The proposed drainfield area has had four prior drainfields that have failed.

Without water their property is worthless

 The City of Duvall intends to deprive many families of life's most basic necessity. We have mortgages and we can't afford to move. Without water, our property becomes worthless, so we can't sell. How do the Duvall officials plan to sleep at night?

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