Northwest NEWS

June 8, 1998

Home & Garden


Summer Salads

   Steak & Black-Eyed Pea Salad
   (courtesy of The Washington Beef Council)
   1 boneless beef top loin steak, cut 1-inch thick (approx. 8 oz.)
   1/2 c. canned, drained black-eyed peas
   4 c. torn mixed salad greens
   1/3 c. julienne-cut carrot
   1/3 c. julienne-cut turnip
   1/4 c. crumbled blue cheese
   Salt and pepper
   3 Tbsp. olive oil
   1 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar
   1 small clove garlic, minced
   1/4 tsp. salt
   1/4 tsp. sugar
   In small bowl, whisk together vinaigrette ingredients; remove and reserve 3 Tbsp. for salad. Combine black-eyed peas with remaining vinaigrette; set aside.
   Heat nonstick skillet over medium heat until hot.
   Place steak in skillet; cook 12 to 15 minutes for medium rare to medium doneness, turning once.
   Season with salt and pepper, as desired; let stand 10 minutes. Trim fat from steak; carve steak crosswise into slices.
   In large bowl, combine beef, salad greens, carrot, turnip and reserved dressing; toss to coat. Season with additional pepper, as desired.
   Place on 2 individual plates. Spoon equal amounts of black-eyed peas over greens; sprinkle with cheese.
   Louisiana Shrimp Stuffed Avocado
   1 1/2 Tbsp. lemon juice
   2 Tbsp. avocado or olive oil
   1 tsp. Dijon mustard
   Pepper to taste
   1/2 cucumber, diced
   1 stalk celery, chopped
   8 oz. peeled, cleaned Louisiana shrimp, cooked
   2 avocados, halved & pitted
   Blend juice, oil, mustard, pepper, cucumber, celery and shrimp. Spoon into avocado halves.
   Fruit and Chicken Salad
   Grated peel of 1/2 lemon
   Juice of 1 lemon (3 Tbsp.)
   1 1/2 Tbsp. vegetable oil
   1 Tbsp. honey
   1/4 tsp. each of ground ginger and curry powder
   1 c. shredded cooked light meat chicken
   1 c. cooked orzo (rice-shaped) pasta (1/3 c. uncooked)
   2 oranges, peeled, cut into bite-size pieces
   2 medium bananas, peeled, sliced
   1 red or green apple, unpeeled, cut into bite-size pieces
   1 c. seedless grapes, cut in half.
   1/2 c. sliced celery
   In large bowl, combine lemon peel and juice, oil, honey and spices.
   Stir in remaining ingredients; chill.
   Serve on salad greens and garnish with lemon cartwheel twists or wedges and fresh mint leaves, if desired.
   Grilled Chicken Salad with Lemon Poppyseed Dressing
   1 c. lemon-flavored lowfat yogurt
   1 tsp. poppy seeds
   3 boneless chicken breast halves
   1 pkg. (10 oz.) romaine blend salad
   1 papaya, seeded, skinned, and sliced
   1 c. sliced strawberries
   Combine yogurt and poppy seeds in small bowl.
   Remove 3 Tbsp. dressing for chicken; cover and refrigerate remaining dressing for salad.
   Grill or broil chicken 10 to 15 minutes on each side or until chicken is no longer pink in center, brushing occasionally with 3 Tbsp. reserved dressing.
   Discard any remaining dressing. Cut chicken crosswise into 1/2-inch thick slices.
   Line 3 individual plates with salad blend. Arrange chicken, papaya and strawberries over salad. Serve with reserved dressing. If dressing is too thick, thin with water to desired consistency.
   Egg Salad Italia
   1/2 c. bottled reduced-fat Italian dressing
   1/2 tsp. oregano leaves, crushed
   1/4 tsp. garlic powder
   8 oz. spiral pasta or elbow macaroni, cooked and drained
   2 c. sliced zucchini (about 8 oz.)
   1 1/2 c. sliced fresh mushrooms (about 3 oz.)
   1/3 c. chopped red onion
   4 hard-cooked eggs, wedged
   In large bowl, stir together dressing, oregano and garlic powder until well blended.
   Stir in pasta, zucchini, mushrooms and onion until evenly coated with dressing. Cover and chill to blend flavors. Just before serving, gently toss with eggs until evenly coated with dressing.
   New Potato Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette
   4 lb. red new potatoes, washed & unpeeled
   4 green onions, chopped
   1/2 c. fresh dill
   1 recipe Mustard Vinaigrette
   3/4 c. light sour cream
   Mustard Vinaigrette:
   1/2 c. white wine vinegar
   2 Tbsp. Dijon-style mustard
   1 tsp. salt
   1/2 tsp. pepper
   1/4 c. olive oil
   Cook potatoes in boiling water just until tender. Chop green onion and dill. Reserve. Drain potatoes in colander and run cold water over them.
   Cut potatoes into quarters as soon as they can be handled. Place in a large mixing bowl. To prepare dressing, place all dressing ingredients except oil in a blender or food processor and process until all is combined (about 5 seconds). With motor running, pour the oil in a slow, steady stream until incorporated.
   Pour dressing over potatoes; add reserved onion-dill mixture and toss gently.
   Add salt and pepper; fold in sour cream. Let stand 30 minutes before serving.