Northwest NEWS

June 8, 1998

Local News

Exercise your brain and read a book

   by Michelle Liu

   About 15% of adults in King County can't read this article. That's approximately 175,000 people. Illiteracy knows no boundaries; it affects men, women, children and seniors. That's why the King County Library System is hosting the 1998 Summer Reading Spectacular, June 13-August 15 to encourage people to read. All 40 community libraries, parks and other sites in King County will have reading prizes and free activities.
   How to participate? Pick up a complete program schedule at any library. Read whatever catches your eye: books, magazines, cereal boxes. Attend any of the programs and sign up for the weekly and grand prize drawings. The library has over four million books and magazines to choose from. If it's difficult to pick a title from that huge selection, subscribe to the library's review magazine, the "Omnibus." It comes out three times a year and it's free. To subscribe call 206-684-6605.
   The libraries not only have books, each library is also equipped with computers that have access to the World Wide Web. Travel to distant lands or explore the latest scientific breakthroughs without leaving your seat.
   Some of the activities that will be held at several libraries include: Enchanted Safari, a fun-filled magic show; Hip-Hop dancing; Native American tales from Northwest Coast Indian tribes, and fun family trips at Discover Washington & Seattle with Kids.