Northwest NEWS

June 8, 1998


Area athletes shine at Olympic Games

   by Michelle Liu

   More than 2,000 Special Olympics athletes and unified partners participated in the '98 Summer Games held on May 30 and 31 at Fort Lewis, Weyerhaueser King County Aquatic Center and Lakewood YMCA. The athletes competed in aquatics, track and field, cycling, gymnastics, powerlifting, soccer and team handball.
   Winners for the Woodinville Falcons were: Cheri Ball - 30 meter motorized wheelchair slalom, 2nd place; Molly Borchers - 4x100 meter relay and softball throw, 3rd place; Michael Dantini - 200 meter dash, 1st place; Melanie Patterson - 4x100 meter relay and softball throw, 3rd place; Katie Shandorf - 50 meter dash, 5th place; Melinda Shandorf - 200 meter dash, 3rd place; Travis Walker - 200 meter dash, 1st place; Annie Anderson - 25 meter freestyle, 2nd place; Sarah Clark - 15 meter aquatic walk, 1st place; Somer Pedersen - 50 meter freestyle, 2nd place; Rusty Smith - 15 and 25 meter floatation, 3rd place.
   The athletic coach for the Woodinville Falcons was Keith Foltz; the aquatic coach was Jennifer Miller.