Northwest NEWS

June 8, 1998

Valley Special

Lisk appointed to Carnation Council

Residents say that city is unresponsive

   by Jane McClure
   Contributing writer

   CARNATION--Stewart Lisk, a Swiftwater resident, was named last week to the City Council seat left vacant by David Hunter, who was appointed mayor last month. Lisk, selected from a pool of five applicants, joins three other Swiftwater residents-council members Paula Turner and Don Raybuck and Mayor Hunter-in city government. At the council meeting, Mayor Pro Tem Ron Chapin announced the appointment of six individuals to the police department citizen advisory committee. They are Chuck Krieble, Steve Osterday, Marguerite Ensley, Colleen McDermott, Bev Harke and John Manning.
   Recycling coordinator Cecelia Boulais announced Cleanup Day will be June 20 at Tolt Middle School from 9-3. She urged the public not to arrive before setup was completed and to stagger arrival times throughout the day.
   In other action, the council passed a resolution to accept a proposed hold harmless agreement with King County regarding this year's July 4 celebration. The council then heard from citizens on several issues that have generated heated debate over the last few months.
   Wes Larson urged the council to examine city Ordinance 530, which defines roles and responsibilities of the planning board, and to consider whether current practice, especially decision making by city staff, conforms to the ordinance. Waland and Nora Childs have provided public comment many times since former police officer Frank Sloan and Safety Director Gunnar Otness were placed on administrative leave, and they regularly videotape council proceedings. Waland Childs complained that city officials had not answered questions he and other members of the community had raised regarding the police department matter, and charged that the city does not comply with public records disclosure laws.
   "I've asked many, many questions over the past several months concerning the policies and decisions made by this city council," the resident said. "I've had no answers."
   He also objected strenously to the city's contract with City Administrator Randy Suko, especially provisions allowing paid sick leave and mileage reimbursement for the city manager.
   Nora Childs charged that Suko illegally sat in on an executive session of the council, and also complained about a note she observed being passed by the city attorney to the mayor during a public meeting that was not read into the public record. She also expressed her disappointment and contempt for council in its handling of the police department matter so emphatically as to provoke council to raise a point of order regarding her use of objectionable language. "You do have to answer to us (citizens)," Childs said. "I will contact my attorney and you'll be hearing from him in a matter of days."
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