Northwest NEWS

June 15, 1998


'Little boxes' writer is right on

   I can't contain it any longer. I reread the letter about the planter boxes, and I say to "Little Boxes," Right On! I am getting so tired of the mentality around here, of telling everyone else what they can and can't do with their property. If you don't conform to my likes, I'll sue you through some homeowners' association, or if you don't do things our way, we will penalize you for it.
   I have got to get this off my chest now, as I, for one, like the color of the Taco Bell sign. I think it's very pretty.
   What is wrong with a little individualism in a planter box? Have you seen pictures of Moscow, Russia? It's all grey buildings exactly the same size and very depressing. Is that what we are destined for in the controlling attitude of our surroundings and the suppression of all individuallism? It seems so. I like asthetics too. However, let us not be so controlling that we lose sight of the people these places belong to and lose all sense of creativity.
   Chris Bell, Woodinville