Northwest NEWS

June 15, 1998


Now you've done it, Denny Redman!

   By holding up Novelty Neighbors (P.O. Box 693, Duvall, WA 98019) as a respectable example of citizen activism in their successful bid to prevent an end-run around common sense and environmental integrity by Cadman Inc. and its local partners, the Alberg's, you have opened a window of hope to every person on the planet. Never again can we sit smugly and alone with the premise that nobody cares or the futility of fighting city hall. From now on, we have to admit that getting together with neighbors, sharing opinions, caring about basics and doing something about what threatens decency, our health and opportunity for all people to be safe and secure from tyranny and ecological devastation and then rejoicing when there is evidence of being effective is not just an idealistic myth. It is real! It works!!
   Congratulations to Novelty Neighbors! And thanks, Denny Redman, for saying it so well.
   Maurice McEndree, Carnation