Northwest NEWS

June 15, 1998


Planning Commission appreciates work done by Joe Wallis

   The Planning Commission would like to personally thank Joe Wallis, a past employee of the City Planning Department, for his tireless efforts on behalf of the City of Woodinville. It is clear that he developed a love and passion for this city even though it is not where he resides.
   Some of the most evident of his contributions can be seen in the TRF development, the Comprehensive Plan, the Heritage Tree program and the Design Standards the city has adopted. Less evident is the number of hours he put in with developers explaining to them the Woodinville "vision."
   We wish to thank him for his insights, the years of experience, generosity of spirit and good humor that saw us through many difficult issues. He always helped us meet the challenge with careful thought and planning. If a city is judged in part by its employees, then he made us proud to have such a great city and staff. We wish him well in all that he does. Joe, please stay in touch.
   The Woodinville Planning Commission:
   Gareth Grube, Chair; Len McNally, Vice Chair; Cherry Jarvis; Gina Leonard; Jim Clayton; Terry DePolo; John Janson