Northwest NEWS

June 15, 1998


'Daddy's Fund' still needs help

   I just wanted to thank the people who have given to "Daddy's Fund" through Washington Mutual Bank. Enough money was collected to pay for the patient's portion of the initial emergency room session following the 911 call.
   As you probably remember from my letter several weeks ago, this is the family that recently went into crisis here in Woodinville. We have contacted several programs to seek assistance for this family, but for one reason or another they have not qualified. They have not received a salary for the past few months, and since the father had not lost his job, they were not eligible for unemployment either.
   This dad of two small children is slowly recovering from his serious illness and surgery. He is expected to recover fully in time. He will be going back to work part-time soon. However, this still will not be enough to carry the family's financial burdens. Our goal has been to assist this family to prevent them from losing their apartment and going deeply into debt through large loans. Anyone who is interested in helping this family is still encouraged to do so as the fund program is currently open.
   Once again, thanks to those who have given; it is genuinely appreciated.
   Sponsor of "Daddy's Fund", Washington Mutual Bank