Northwest NEWS

June 15, 1998


Fire departments were valuable part of Duvall Days

   I was amazed that A. Cruce (June 1 letter) felt that our fire department and those from the surrounding areas do not belong in our Duvall Days Celebration Parade. Our fire departments are an integral part of our communities. Whether it be illness, fire, flood, accident or a call for some kind of service, our volunteer and paid firefighters are always here for us. They are an important part of the history of our community. The other area fire departments are involved with us by offering emergency back- up when necessary. We offer them the same service.
   With all the negatives reported these days, it is extremely important that strong upstanding male and female role models are shown in our community. The parade, the contests and the pancake breakfast show our children the people who are involved with our community in a positive manner, perhaps inspiring some of them to follow in their footsteps. Our fire departments belong in our community parades.
   Linda A. Ritscher, Duvall