Northwest NEWS

June 15, 1998


This is not the time to shirk our responsibilities

   I would first like to thank all those on the 1998 Park Bond Citizens' Committee who worked so hard for almost five months on the campaign. I also want to thank the more than 54% of Bothell voters who sent the very clear message that they did want to invest in Bothell parks and recreation for the future of our community. I sincerely hope this message is not lost!
   The 'yes' majority dovetails with the last city survey showing parks as the second most important issue in the community, along with police. We must now find a way acceptable to 60 % of the voters to satisfy this critical need. The Bothell Park Bond Citizens' Committee would like to formally request that the City Council move forward in putting this issue back before the voters. We stand ready to help. However, we have to discover why our proposal did not meet the needs of the supermajority of the Bothell voters. Was it the perceived high level of taxes, the controversy over the police facility, the elimination of the Family Community Center, the opportunities fund or the lack of a clear and positive message from City Council? These are what the committee heard as we talked with people and are possible reasons for the 'no' votes.
   We have also heard that some on the Bothell Board are considering a recommendation that the city conduct a post-election survey to pin down the causes for defeat and design our next campaign based on those results. We strongly support this approach. With over 54 % of the people saying "yes" to this Park Bond, it is crystal clear that the majority of Bothell tax payers still feel a critical need for parks and recreation. It is not the time to shrink from our responsibility to address this identified critical need in Bothell. We encourage and, in fact, expect the council's leadership and commitment as we move forward.
   Peg Dowd, 1998 Park Bond committee Co-Chair