Northwest NEWS

June 22, 1998


Town should be judged by business practices

   I have been watching the comments and concerns over the planter boxes in front of the Firestone store with some amusement. The appearance of downtown Woodinville is important, but it seems to me that quality business practices should be the standard by which we judge our downtown.
   I was fortunate enough to have the Firestone technicians help with a recent car situation. I was fully prepared to have Firestone repair my car. They diagnosed the problems, checked their technical reports and found that the repairs were covered under the manufacturer's extended warranty. I had no knowledge of this coverage, but when I contacted the dealer all repairs were made at no charge. A savings to me in the hundreds of dollars.
   My hat is off to the fine men and women at Firestone for their honesty. If they feel the color of their planter boxes is helpful to their business with all the new construction around, then so be it! We need business men and women with integrity.
   Michael Wagner, Woodinville