Northwest NEWS

June 22, 1998


Crossings designed for drivers not pedestrians

   Concerning pedestrian traffic lights: My operation of an electric vehicle - a so called scooter - on sidewalks and in intersections is just as lawful as vehicles on streets. I have just had the occasion of nearly being run over by a person driving a large pick-up illegally through a pedestrian light at a local intersection, and believe me it did not feel good. Drivers, please pay attention to pedestrian lights!
   I would also like to say, why can't Woodinville be like other cities in other states in U.S.A.? Reno, Nevada gives a larger leeway in pedestrian crossings. It is certainly needed.
   I received a letter concerning this subject from Mr. John M. Moffat, Director of the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, which was a reply to my complaints about the same subject, saying they are searching for better ways. They don't have to look far, Reno has it.
   Moffat offers this advice, "Watch out for turning cars." What good is that for us when drivers disregard the pedestrian light and send us flying? If I "am already crossing, I cannot keep walking because I have been hit and am in the middle of the air. "Yes, it is designed that way." Not so! It is designed to the advantage of the driver!
   George Frank, Woodinville