Northwest NEWS

June 22, 1998


Thankful for flowers and friendship during health scare

   Mere words cannot express our gratitude for the kindness and concern that was shown to our family during my recent health scare. Cheryl and I would like to thank everyone who wrote a note, sent flowers or otherwise extended the hand of friendship to us.
   I am happy to report that, following a series of exhaustive tests, I was given a clean bill of health and returned shortly to my responsibilities as County Executive. I am strong, healthy and committed to continue serving Snohomish County to my best ability, as I was elected to do.
   I am honored by your confidence and proud of the accomplishments we have made in recent years to improve customer service and efficiency in county government. Nonetheless, this episode serves as a reminder that life is, indeed, a precious thing which we cannot take for granted. If there is anything we can all learn from this incident, it is to take care of ourselves and to be aware of our blessings.
   Reach out to a friend today. Encourage a child. Make that overdue phone call. Together, we can make Snohomish County a friendlier place for all of us to live and raise our families. Thank you again for your kind thoughts.
   Bob and Cheryl Drewel, Arlington