Northwest NEWS

June 22, 1998


Letters to the Editor

Is the fault with the city manager or the city council?

 I read with interest your recent headline article about the "difficulties" that our current city manager, Mr. Roy Rainey, seems to be having with the city council and staffers. I submit that this is symptomatic of what's wrong with the council, more than what's wrong with Mr. Rainey.

Town should be judged by business practices

 If they feel the color of their planter boxes is helpful to their business with all the new construction around, then so be it!

Crossings designed for drivers not pedestrians

 I have just had the occasion of nearly being run over by a person driving a large pick-up illegally through a pedestrian light at a local intersection, and believe me it did not feel good.

Rural landowners should blitz hotline

 In the Bear Creek Community Plan area, for instance, all the policies favorable to the big master plan developments on Novelty Hill are retained, including the requirement for only 25% open space plus surveyed wetlands, while downzoned neighbors must preserve 65% of their land as recorded open space upon applying for a county permit.

Let Governor Locke and County Executive Sims know how you feel

 We elect these officials, they work for us. So write to them and tell them how you feel.

Thankful for flowers and friendship during health scare

 This episode serves as a reminder that life is, indeed, a precious thing which we cannot take for granted. If there is anything we can all learn from this incident, it is to take care of ourselves and to be aware of our blessings.

When will the favoritism and cheating for developers stop?

 Just when we thought we had seen the worst examples of fraud and bias the county could commit for developers, including massive cheating and manipulation of traffic concurrency tests for Blakely Ridge and Redmond Ridge, we have now learned that the gang of four - Hague, Vance, McKenna, and Miller - are about to engage in an all out effort to lower developer impact fees even further.

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