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June 22, 1998

Local News

No county ban on fireworks this century

   by Woodinville Weekly staff

   SEATTLE--Fireworks won't be banned outside the cities of King County anytime this century. The County Council's Committee for Unincorporated Areas learned last week it would have to pass County Executive Ron Sims proposed fireworks ban without holding a public hearing. "The ordinance has a timeline that made it virtually impossible to impose a ban in 1999," said Councilman Brian Derdowski, chairman of the unincorporated areas, in a prepared statement. "Plus, we really need to hear from the folks out in the community before we vote on this."
   Sims proposed the ban for unincorporated areas of the county in May for the safety of children and pets, according to his spokeswoman Elaine Kraft. The ban would have had to be passed by the County Council by June 28 of this year to be effective next year. "[Sims] was disappointed it won't be considered," said Kraft. "Many communities already ban fireworks and this would have made it countywide. Hopefully it will be next year." Derdowski said he would appoint a task force made up of police, fire officials and the fireworks industry to look at the problems associated with the discharge of illegal fireworks which are already banned in the county.