Northwest NEWS

June 22, 1998

Front Page

Kenmore Council sets hearings on moratoriums

   by Tom Traeger
   Kenmore staff reporter

   The Kenmore City Council got a preview at its June 15 meeting of the types of comments it will no doubt face at a public hearing slated for July 6. Two residents expressed concerns about a moratorium which was passed by the council at its previous meeting. The moratorium restricted the issuance of permits for subdivisions, shortplats, and rezones within the city boundaries during the interim period prior to incorporation, August 31, 1998.
   Mayor Crawford invited both speakers to the public forum to restate their concerns if they desire. Another moratorium restricting adult entertainment, which was passed earlier by the council will have a public hearing on Monday, July 20. Both public hearings satisfy the state requirement for a public hearing to be held within 60 days of the passage of a moratorium. Both hearings are scheduled for 7:10 p.m. as part of the public input section of the regular council meeting agenda.
   In other council business, ordinances were passed relating to the protection and preservation of landmarks within the city as well as the authorization to enter into an interlocal agreement with King County for that purpose. The Thompson Estate located at Simonds Road was identified as the type of site which would be within the purview of this measure. During the incorporation process, Kenmore citizens received considerable information about issues such as jail services, road maintenance and solid waste. The council has now authorized the city manager to enter into inter-local agreements with King County in these three areas of responsibility.
   Other areas in which the city will be working closely with the county deal with regulatory licensing of certain businesses as well as permits for use of city owned property. City Manager Steve Anderson indicated that approximately 65 businesses in Kenmore currently require regulatory licensing. Councilman Steve Colwell requested that the new council be apprised of the names of these businesses as well as being involved in the issuance of any new licenses. He was assured that this would be done.
   The new council has a busy schedule the remainder of the month. Three study sessions are scheduled: Monday, June 22 for General Issues; Thursday, June 25 for Land Use; Monday, June 29 for Contract Negotiations.
   In addition, Mayor Jack Crawford and Deputy Mayor Dick Taylor along with Councilpersons Elodie Morse, Tike Esler and Deborah Chase attended all or part of the Association of Washington Cities Conference in Tacoma from June 16-19. City Manager Steve Anderson and Assistant City Manager Al Locke also attended.
   The next regular council meeting will be July 6 at 7 p.m. Meetings are held at the Kenmore Fire Station located at 18030 73rd Ave. NE. The public is welcome to attend.

   City Hall now open
   The Mayor extended an invitation to the public to come and see the new city hall located in Kenmore Village at 6524 NE 181st. He expressed thanks to Seafirst for donations of tables, desks and chairs and to the cities of Lake Forest Park and Bellevue for donations of office furniture and computers. There are still some details to be completed, but the office is operational. Office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.