Northwest NEWS

June 22, 1998

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Businesswoman wants city to plan for improvements to intersection

   WOODINVILLE--A Gilman Village-like retail project planned near Redhook Brewery may be scaled back unless the city funds nearby intersection work. Barbara Kelson, owner of 3.5 acres on 148th Avenue N.E. at N.E. 145th Street, wants to develop what she calls Apple Farm Village there. But the city of Woodinville has told her that she's going to have to pay for improvements to that intersection to do so.
   Saying she has already sunk over $1 million into the concept, Kelson wants the City Council to include road work there in this year's six-year Capital Improvement Plan. (CIP) "It benefits us and the city," Kelson said. "Without that intersection being improved, other property owners won't be able to develop, and the Tourist District won't be as viable economically."
   Though not initially on the plan, after staff recently reevaluated projects, it was placed back on for a capacity improvement study.
   Kelson says her options if the intersection isn't worked on are to scale back to just a bed and breakfast. There have been rumors that a party may be interested in building a hotel next to Redhook. The council will consider the intersection and placing the Sorenson Complex on the plan this Tuesday for adoption into the Comprehensive Plan.