Northwest NEWS

June 29, 1998


Representation concerns in Kenmore

I am writing because of a major concern about the new interim city council in Kenmore. It seems that the only two areas represented by the seven member interim council are Arrowhead-Inglewood and the Uplake area. It seems that the rest of Kenmore is not represented.
   This is evidenced by the fact that one member, Deborah Chase, lives in the northeast section of the city and insisted on having a moratorium for short plats in her area. The moratorium could have covered all new permits and developments as was strongly suggested by the city attorney, but no, only the short plats.
   The other concern is the moratorium on adult entertainment. King County already has a moratorium on such places till the end of they year and it is not necessary at this time to deal with this issue. There are more important issues to be dealt with at this time.
   And finally, let me express my concern over the fact that the new interim city council has saw fit to study the Lakepointe development prior to establishing services, etc. for the new city of Kenmore. I am not necessarily against this development, but I am concerned about what it is going to cost Kenmore. The new interim city council members seem to think that it is going to provide them with a great deal of money to operate the city. It is like the tail wagging the dog. There are some traffic concerns and roadway funding that must be dealt with first.
   Lyle Sellards, Kenmore