Northwest NEWS

June 29, 1998


Letters to the Editor

City of Woodinville Concerns

 In spite of the best intentions of the founders, (who were amateurs), other amateurs are, intentionally or unintentionally, losing your money and gumming up the works. I really think you ought to do something. On the other hand, maybe you should do nothing, and I'll go down and try to get that city manager job. I hear the severance packages are great.

Comment of the Sheriff's party patrol

 I read the June 15 article "Six hours with the Sheriff's party patrol" amazed that 18 officers in nine cars convoyed from Kenmore to "deep in the Cascade Mountains" for a high school party bust that netted nine teenagers who were smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. Excuse me?

Is our Woodinville Fire Department spineless or what?!

 They're planning to move onto City of Woodinville property for a makeshift downtown fire station when they have their own paid-for land practically across the street!

Child Care provider concerns

 Not just anyone can become a quality child care provider.

Representation concerns in Kenmore

 I am writing because of a major concern about the new interim city council in Kenmore. It seems that the only two areas represented by the seven member interim council are Arrowhead-Inglewood and the Uplake area. It seems that the rest of Kenmore is not represented.

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