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June 29, 1998

Local News

Kenmore man pleads not guilty to burning house, harrassing wife

   by Woodinville Weekly staff

   KENMORE--A 45-year-old Kenmore man pled not guilty to burning a house and harrassing his wife, according to a spokesman for the King County Prosecutor's Office.
   Douglas Scott Ewing, charged with first-degree arson and felony harrassment, will continue to be held in jail on $1 million bail in jail while he awaits a July 7 court date.
   Papers filed in King County Superior Court last week say Ewing, a landscaper, admitted to police and fire investigators that he set fire to his and Susan L. Ewing's house and threatened to kill her after he was arrested on Father's Day.
   Charging papers say that at about 4:15 p.m. June 21, Ewing went to a Hollywood Hill-area home where Susan was and pushed her. When separated, he allegedly said, "I don't care anymore. I'm going to kill her," ten times. The pair have been separated since November, 1997 after a 12-year marriage.
   From there, prosecutors say Ewing went to their home in the 14900 block of 78th Avenue N.E. in Kenmore. Susan and their two children had been living at the home.
   Fire investigators say flammable liquid was poured on a bed, down a flight of stairs, in the family room and was ignited with a hand held flame.
   Papers say that neighbors saw Ewing walk out the front door carrying a red gasoline can as smoke detectors blared inside the house. The neighbors say Ewing drove away, then came back five minutes later and, seeing the house in flames, gave a "big thumbs up."
   The fire caused $215,000 in damage to structure and contents.
   A Seattle firefighter suffered a separated shoulder during the fire.
   At about 5 p.m. King County Sheriff's deputy stopped Ewing and took him into custody. Allegedly, Ewing said "burning the house was better than murder."
   But murder was apparently still on Ewing's mind in the days afterwards. He telephoned a woman from jail, and said if released he'd kill Susan, papers say.
   Ewing also allegedly told a King County Fire Investigator that he would enjoy killing his ex-wife and that if released he would kill her in the "Keltic tradition" meaning he would decapitate her.
   He also told the investigator, "I burned my house down." Asked if there was anything else to add, papers say he said, "I told you how I did it. Told you that I did it. Told you I was glad I did it. Told you that I found it gratifying to find that the damage was major and visible. Anything else you need to know?"