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June 29, 1998

Local News

'Woodinville Sings' performs


'Woodinville Sings' performed last Monday night in concert with The Chieftains.

   'Woodinville Sings,' a new choral group, performed last Monday night in concert with The Chieftains at Chateau Ste. Michelle.
   Singing "Shenandoah" and "Long Journey Home," with The Chieftains, the choir was rated as one of the top three in the world tour of the group, according to a spokesperson.
   Brent Allen, a talented and experienced musician and conductor, directed the choir in rehearsals, sound checks and the performace.
   Charter members of the choir are John Bradley, Larry Bridges, Caroline Briggs, Bill Brown, Megan Burchfield, John Bustad, Holly Bustad, David Cline, Shelley Connelie, Pam Dillehay, Donna Douglass, Wayne Douglass, Judith Eide, Marsha Engel, Geoffrey Ethelston, Pansie Evers, Jim Evers, Dave Griffin, Kathleen Grube, Melanie Grube, Mike Grube, Gareth Grube, Carter Hawley, Martin Knockes, Lorelette Knowles, Walt Knowles, Gene Leonardson, Nancy Leonardson, Steve Mason, Andy Miller, Mary Miller, Eleanor Pachaud, Elizabeth Russell, Beth Shephard, John Shephard, Caryn Simmons, Dee Simmons, Bob Simmons, Patty Turnberg, Dave Griffin, and Brenda Vanderloop.
   Other members include Bill Hoppe and Wayne Turnberg who were unable to perform.