Northwest NEWS

June 29, 1998

Local News

Hotel planned for Woodinville's tourist district would require street work

   by Andrew Walgamott
   Staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--An upscale 85-room hotel a developer wants to build in Woodinville won't be built unless improvements are made to a key intersection.
   Last week, Philip Sherburne told the City Council that he wants to build a hotel next to the Redhook Brewery in the city's Tourist District.
   The hotel would be "high-end" with its own restaurant and would generate revenue "significant to the city" Sherburne said. He said he has the support of neighboring wineries and the brewery.
   The problem is that the hotel would create traffic. Woodinville can't approve any projects that would worsen the intersection of N.E. 145th St. and 148th Ave. N.E. at the Hollywood Hill Schoolhouse unless the city tells the state it plans roadwork in the area.
   Like Barbara Kelson who wants to develop specialty retail shops on land she owns nearby, Sherburne wants the city to place the intersection as an identified and funded project on its 1999 six-year Capital Improvement Plan.
   If the city doesn't, it means either developers will themselves have to pay for improvements there or wait until the city puts it on the plan.
   Both parties say they face delaying and downsizing their projects if the city doesn't act.
   First drafts of this year's CIP didn't show anything being done with the intersection, but after a staff reevaluation the city may look at studying ways to improve capacity there.
   "We want to help people; the intersection does need work," said Mayor Don Brocha. "But the question is can we put together a project that makes sense and that the city can fund in a six-year time frame."
   He said funding could come from state grants, developer mitigation and the city. Deadline for street work grant applications to the state is July 1, he said. The council is expected to discuss the CIP June 29.
   Sherburne has a aggressive schedule to open the facility in the year 2000, though he admits that would require moving plans along quickly.

   Other groups have considered hotels in the area.