Northwest NEWS

June 29, 1998

Valley Special

Riverview will use community input to determine plan for fields bond

   The Riverview School Board has voted unanimously to support a Riverview Community Athletic Fields bond issue.
   After a similar measure was narrowly turned down last November, the District solicited community members to hold neighborhood focus group meetings to gather information on the community athletic fields plan.
   Many community members, students and coaches have approached the District through letters and meetings, requesting the District to run the bond again.
   Wally Costello and Gerry Austin, parents and long time supporters of Valley sports, brought to the Board comments on safety, lack of facilities and issues concerning the present condition of fields in Riverview, used by the District and the community.
   The Board recommended the District and the community be involved in reviewing and revising the original plan. The original plan included baseball fields, soccer fields, all weather track and football field, a stadium, tennis courts, utility fields and a concession stand and restroom facility for the District and Valley sports organizations.
   The Valley sports organizations have been key to the success of District athletic teams.
   A broad-based committeee is being formed to make recommendations to the Board by the end of August. The Board plans to go to the voters with the recommended bond in November or in February next year.
   Voters will be able to view models and get answers to questions before the election. Volunteers are needed to assist with presenting the plan to the public.
   For information, please contact Dan Pflugrath at 880-6099 or Becky Nixon at 844-9223.