Northwest NEWS

July 6, 1998


The joy and value of involvement

   I've been a resident of Carnation for more than 10 years and, until this year, have not been involved in the annual Carnation 4th of July Celebration.
   After a reluctant commitment, I agreed to chair this year's parade.
   We all may be busy with our families, church, jobs, hobbies, etc., but it was a complete joy to be involved and see that we can all unite in something that is good for our city. It took a lot of hard work, dedication and many volunteers, but it was a fun and carefree weekend of celebration.
   I know I can speak for the Carnation 4th of July committee in thanking the many sponsors and contributors whose generousity made the event possible.
   I want to continue to be part of what a small town like Carnation has to offer. Sure, we have our ups and downs here (what town doesn't at times), but if you look at the negative in anthing, that is all you are going to see. I hope you, the readers, will get involved in something positive in your town. The people you meet, the behind the scenes experience, the fun you have is all worth it. We had a great weekend in Carnation.
   Myra Shoemaker, Carnation