Northwest NEWS

July 6, 1998


Fall City is at a crossroad

   My name is James R. Jones. I am a 39 year old dentist. I live in Fall City with my family because we love its rural character. I go to work every morning. At night when I come home I love to play with my two year old daughter and our dog and cat. My wife and I greatly enjoy spending leisurely Sunday mornings reading the Seattle Times when we can. I love the Mariners but am a Husky football fan at heart. All things considered, I guess we are a pretty average family really.
   I am a registered Republican and am basically "middle of the road" politically. I have never taken part in community groups before. Now, however, I am a member of the Friends of Fall City group. I feel it's important to try to help clarify who the Friends of Fall City are and why the Friends of Fall City are becoming such an increasingly noticeable presence in Fall City.
   The Friends of Fall City is an ever-expanding group of concerned Fall City townspeople who share the common goal of protecting our rural lifestyle and strengthening our sense of community. We are dedicated to managing growth and development so that it fits within a carefully crafted comprehensive plan which preserves Fall City's rural character, while simultaneously respecting the rights of private property owners. We believe that uncoordinated, haphazard growth without planning will destroy Fall City's quality of life.
   The future of Fall City is at a crossroads. Fall City's physical location and multiple natural attributes have of late enticed others outside our valley to investigate its potential as a significant eastside growth center. Fall City is already becoming surrounded by major new suburban developments such as Snoqualmie Ridge, Trossachs, Treemont, Alderra Farms and the possible new I-605 interstate.
   Because of ever-expanding eastward growth, major decisions are now being formulated by King County that will determine how Fall City and our immediate surroundings will look in the next 5, 10, 20 years and beyond. The Friends of Fall City feel it is urgent for a wide variety of Fall City residents to become educated about the county's planning process and to participate in frank but friendly discussions so that we can effectively influence how King County plans our future.
   Some unfortunate rhetoric and innuendo of late, authored in large part by a business park developer has attempted to portray the Friends of Fall City as some sort of left-wing extremist organization with a hidden agenda. My wife thinks this is absolutely hilarious and has taken great delight in teasing me to no end! Those who live in our neighborhood and the hundreds of Fall City townspeople who visited our Friends of Fall City booth at Fall City Days, however, were less amused.
   Many said they wondered just what type of "hidden agenda" others who stand to reap great profit from seeking Fall City development might have.
   In summary, the growing number of Friends of Fall City members are just like me. We're just plain folks, concerned people who live here in town. That's it. Nothing fancy.
   We are a group, however, who are very dedicated to working together to make a difference. We have every confidence that through continuing to educate ourselves and by engaging in significant hard work we will preserve our rural town character.
   The Friends of Fall City want Fall City to be known as a town that cared and took the necessary steps to preserve what it loves.
   From what I've seen we Fall City residents seem quite ready for the challenge. The Friends of Fall City invites other interested Fall City townspeople to contact us at P.O. Box 1377, Fall City, WA 98024 (E-mail to:
   James R. Jones, Fall City