Northwest NEWS

July 6, 1998


Carnation is small town with a big heart

   There was a small miracle Saturday, June 20. It happened at Carnation Elementary School. It was part of a community fund-raising drive to raise $20,000 for Mark Heyting. He has a rare form of bone marrow cancer. His insurance would not pay until November which could well be too late. I called Kathy Nelson; her phone number was on the flyer. She said they had some money before the sale, but when it was over they had $14,000!!! It makes me proud I live here, a small community with a big heart.
   It seems that health care, HMOs and health insurance spend more time raising all costs, looking for loopholes so they can pay less claims and make even more money. They have become so greedy they have forgotten what health care really means.
   Yet, that greed brought out a wonderful outpouring of compassion and caring. Well, they say the Lord works in mysterious ways.
   Marguerite Ensley, Carnation