Northwest NEWS

July 6, 1998


Letters to the Editor

Fourth of July proves communities can succeed

 We know how to have fun. Now we need to translate the energy and cooperation we all saw on the Fourth of July into addressing other issues that concern us as residents, businesspeople and government officials.

The joy and value of involvement

 The people you meet, the behind the scenes experience, the fun you have is all worth it.

Is the grass greener?

 Is the Northshore District perfect? No ... it is not. Is the Northshore District committed to being the best it can be? I think so. Will salaries and benefits in terms of dollars and cents ever match the "outside world?" I doubt it. Are there other types of benefits to consider? You can bet there are!

Fall City is at a crossroad

 Fall City's physical location and multiple natural attributes have of late enticed others outside our valley to investigate its potential as a significant eastside growth center. Fall City is already becoming surrounded by major new suburban developments such as Snoqualmie Ridge, Trossachs, Treemont, Alderra Farms and the possible new I-605 interstate.

Family appreciates sympathy from community

 The outpouring has been overwhelming.

Carnation is small town with a big heart

 It seems that health care, HMOs and health insurance spend more time raising all costs, looking for loopholes so they can pay less claims and make even more money. They have become so greedy they have forgotten what health care really means.

Thanks to Goodyear

 In a recent Letter to the Editor thanking those who helped with the Cottage Lake Elementary School silent auction, Goodyear was left off the list.

New fraud uncovered

 We 'know' that King County is going to cause devastation to the traffic situation here and is planning to push massive amounts of commute traffic currently using Novelty Hill Road onto alternative roads, such as the Woodinville/Duvall Road and the Redmond/Fall City Road.

Death of two brings grief

 The loss of this lady and her wee baby would not be in vain if it helps us to appreciate the baby she carried acknowledging the loss of both of them.

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