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July 6, 1998

Local News

Police search for hit-and-run driver

  Police say the Camaro is a mid-1980s model, red with black trim, tinted windows and has a rear spoiler. The passenger side of the car is probably damaged. Have you seen it?

Post office bewildered by bombings

  "We're losing a sense of community when we blow up each other's mail boxes," Bob Leach, Woodinville Post Office supervisor of customer services, said.

Woodinville boy loses left hand in fireworks mishap

  The fuse was shorter than expected and the device exploded, severing fingers and damaging the car.

Safety improvements planned along Trib 90

 Few, if any, accidents have occurred there, but vehicles and pedestrians may soon be better protected from sliding off a roadway into a deep ditch near the Hollywood Hill Schoolhouse.

Police beat

  A couple married for only two weeks were enjoying a night of bowling at Kenmore Lanes when the wife was heard by her husband to be thanking another man for a ride she had been given a few weeks earlier. The husband became enraged and left, went to his home, took his clothes and some personal belongings and returned to the bowling alley. Find out what happened next.


  Note corrections to two recent articles.

$600 million plan on fall ballot

  The package, to ensure county infrastructure keeps up with growth, has been likened to King County's Forward Thrust initiatives of the late 1960s.

Kenmore City Council meetings

  After receiving community input, the City Council plans to adopt an interim zoning map and development regulations as well as establish community development priorities for the coming years.

Sims' early salmon plan would fund watershed work on the Sammamish

  "These are actions we can take now while we work on a strong recovery plan that will protect our dwindling salmon runs," King County Executive Ron Sims said.

Bothell interim city manager named

  "He struck me as someone to take the helm," Councilman Mike Noblet said and added that having him on board now would allow the city to complete the 1999 budget process.

Bothell public works chief resigns

  How can we meet the demand for immediate improvements ... but not increase taxes to pay for these improvements?"

County to discuss weed fee

  The state has mandated all counties operate programs to combat the spread of weeds. In the past, the county ran its program with money from the general fund. What may change?

From the Fire Chief

  I would like to personally invite the citizens to our open house to commemorate 50 years of serving the Woodinville community.

Woodinville Fire District - Then and Now

  What a difference. Have a look.

Leadership in Public Fire Safety Education: The year 2000 and beyond

  Glimpse public fire education in the 1990s and beyond.

Annual budgeting for fire district

  While suggestions are always welcome, this is the time of the year when they can be especially helpful.

CPR training

  Citizen responders are the first link in "the chain of survival" of any person involved in a medical or traumatic emergency and are therefore an extremely valuable asset.

The next 50 years

  We encourage all of our citizens to take a moment to stop in and talk to their emergency services providers. You may be surprised at what you find.

Climbing up

  Get a view from the top.

Welcoming new recruits

  See seven new recruits.

Local fire hydrant maintenance

  This annual ritual helps ensure our easy and efficient access to an emergency water supply.