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July 6, 1998

Local News

Bothell public works chief resigns

   by Northlake News staff
   BOTHELL--Lynn Guttman, Bothell Public Works and Community Development director, tendered her resignation last Wednesday.
   In a one-page letter to Manny Ocampo, interim city manager at the time, Guttman wrote, "The City of Bothell has reluctantly been a center of growth and change. We have been struggling to balance key contradictions at the heart of defining a community. How can we meet the demand for immediate improvements ... but not increase taxes to pay for these improvements?"
   Mayor Debbie Treen termed Guttman's post a "stressful position in a department that has processed the highest volume of permits in the city's history."
   There were concerns whether permit activity would pay for a large hiring boom in Guttman's department.
   Guttman has been with the city since April, 1994 when she was brought on as the interim public works director. She was hired permanently after six months, according to the city.
   Her decision, effective July 15, follows former City Manager Rick Kirkwood's June 15 resignation.