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July 6, 1998

Local News

County to discuss weed fee

   by Woodinville Weekly staff
   SEATTLE--King County may implement a fee on land across the county to raise money for controlling the spread of noxious weeds.
   The County Council's Utilities and Natural Resources Committee will meet July 9 at 1:30 p.m. in council chambers at the courthouse to discuss the proposal and take public testimony.
   Under the proposal, landowners would be assessed an annual fee of 85 cents per parcel and an additional 9 cents per acre to pay for the county's noxious weed control program. A person who owns two acres would pay $1.02 a year.
   Noxious weeds are invasive, non-native plants that have been introduced accidentally or as ornamentals. Weeds such as tansy ragwort are poisonous to livestock if eaten, while hogweed causes rashes on some people. Other weeds can impact crops, native plants and waterways.
   The state has mandated all counties operate programs to combat the spread of weeds. In the past, the county ran its program with money from the general fund.