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July 6, 1998

Local News

CPR training

   Being able to make a difference is the best reason to take a CPR or First Aid Course. Last year in Woodinville over 1,000 people did just that. We start them young by visiting the local 5th graders with our Emergency Medical Awareness Class (EMAC). This lays a foundation of knowledge for the basics of first aid, CPR and air way management that will follow them into junior and senior high school. Citizen responders are the first link in "the chain of survival" of any person involved in a medical or traumatic emergency and therefore an extremely valuable asset. Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District offers a variety of CPR and First Aid Classes on a monthly basis. The AHA courses are free and cover Adult (4 hrs) and Pediatric (4 hrs) CPR. Standard First Aid (8 hrs) costs $15., is an ARC course. Community First Aid (9 hrs) which includes pediatric CPR costs $20. Call 425-483-2131.