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July 6, 1998

Local News

Local fire hydrant maintenance

   by Ted Klinkenberg
   Surely there are telling signs in Woodinville that the cold and drizzly days of winter have ebbed. The summer sun warms vegetable gardens and they start growing, the lawn needs mowing and the Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District crews are out hacking, cutting and spraying the vegetation that threatens to engulf those ubiquitious yellow ground appendages we call fire hydrants. As firefighters, this annual ritual helps ensure our easy and efficient access to an emergency water supply. Without these efforts, fire hydrants would become invisible even to the mighty eyes of the eagle.
   If you are a resident whose property is home to a fire hydrant, please consider the following things you can do to help keep them accessible.
  1. Keep your fire hydrant visibly discernible. Don't dress it with dahlias, block it with begonias, or frame it with fir trees. We need to see it easily by day and night.
  2. Keep your fire hydrant physically accessible. Per the Uniform Fire Code, you need to maintain a three foot circumference of clear space around the hydrant.
  3. Do not paint your fire hydrant. The color, yellow, has been established by the Water District and cannot be changed without its permission. So please, don't paint it green to match your lawn.
  4. If you see a hydrant with a problem such as missing parts or leaks, call your local water district or your fire department.

   On behalf of the crews of our Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District, thanks for your cooperation and support. By keeping these guidelines in mind, you can assist in reducing the time it takes us to put out fires.