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July 6, 1998

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Katica named Woodinville's interim city manager


Andrew Walgamott/staff photo

Jim Katica

   by Andrew Walgamott
   Staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--The Woodinville City Council went in-house when it chose an interim city manager last week. Jim Katica, the city's finance director, was named to the post while a search for a permanent city manager is conducted over the next few months. Katica had been appointed acting city manager the previous week.
   The moves were prompted by a 4-3 council vote to remove former chief administrator Roy Rainey from office in late June.
   Katica, 49, has been with the city five years, serving as clerk/treasurer as well as acting manager when needed. "My main task will be to keep the city operating and in good order until a permanent city manager can be hired," he said.
   The City Council was confident with Katica who gave them a commitment to serve through November.
   "I respect Jim and I think he can steer us through this time," said Councilman Randy Ransom. He gave Katica a fortune from a fortune cookie that read, "You'll be showered with good luck." The council had had Chinese food for a dinner meeting with the Parks and Recreation Commission.
   The council unanimously chose Katica after considering whether to hire a firm to provide an interim manager. Councilman Bob Miller argued that the city didn't have the time or resources to train two managers, one being a stand-in and the other permanent.
   Katica, who was the City of Snohomish's finance director for eight years before coming to Woodinville, is married and has a 14-year-old son.
   Previous to his appointment, he could sometimes be seen in his usual natty attire delivering letters and bank statements by bicycle around town. He said those days could be over now. "I may need those extra few minutes to keep up on things," he said. In his off time, he enjoys fishing and duck hunting.
   "Luckily this will happen in a year where there's hardly any opportunity to fish for salmon," he said.
   Councilwoman Barbara Solberg suggested the council consider additional compensation for Katica as he swaps his department director hat for city boss. He will be on duty through the development of the 1999 budget.
   As for the search for a permanent manager, the council will consider proposals from Waldron Resources, Hulbert Associates, Inc., Jensen and Cooper, and Phil Kushlan and Associates this Monday night, July 6.
   Kushlan forwarded Rainey to the city last year, but after a five month search the firm came back with five candidates on which the council could not agree.