Northwest NEWS

July 13, 1998


A thief alert and warning to the community

   For the second summer our neighborhood's mail and mailboxes are being stolen or destroyed. The low-lifes take it all and sort through it at their convenience. Junk mail, bills and personal letters (after birthday money is removed) get trashed and sometimes you don't know until you get finance charges on a past due bill or your grandma feels hurt you never thanked her for the card.
   If you are waiting for new checks or credit cards from the bank, social security checks, refunds from insurance or IRS, loan paybacks from a friend, not sure exactly what day they'll come, you could be financing someone's spending spree. Take a good look at one week's mail and see just how much personal stuff is in that material.
   Our small neighborhood may be closing the barn door after the horses have run off, but we will be taking turns watching our mail boxes to catch the culprits who are stealing our mail and causing us so much trouble and money. We have called the police and filed a report. We have notified our banks and credit card companies.
   We have called the US Postal Inspector and filed a report of mail theft, which is a serious felony and will be investigated and prosecuted. We are angry.
   If any of you parents have little darlings who are spending more money this summer beyond earnings from babysitting, lawn mowing, etc. you might think about taking on the responsibility of finding out just where they are getting the big bucks to have so much fun or buy all those cool clothes. My family is not going to get stuck with your bill.
   When the police or feds catch up with them (and they will be caught) and ask if I want to prosecute, I'll say, "Yes, take it to the full extent of the law." Not only do we want our money back, we want the feeling back that this is a good community and we're happy to live here.
   Advice to home owners: Keep an eye on your mailboxes. Tell your credit card companies not to send you anything unless requested and forget about a rural mailbox being safe. Unfortunately, times have changed. You can't even count on getting a nice homey letter from your mom anymore. The brain-dead jerks may just come by, take it and throw it in the ditch.
   Name withheld upon request