Northwest NEWS

July 13, 1998


A letter from Oscar

   Dear Mayor Debbie Treen, City of Bothell

   Thank you very much for the title bestowed on me in recognition of the 1st Alex Sidie Random Acts of Kindness Day. Really surprised me. No one else has been so kind.
   You probably don't know it, but I do not charge for my writing. I believe in giving of myself. Also I enjoy writing about the many people I meet.
   For years I've been writing about them, including some in Bothell. I began with the long ago days of outhouses when every house had one in back. I wrote about merchants who had one alongside their store for customers to use. Today the structures are no longer about. Such fun meeting those old timers.
   Due to age, I will be 80 on Aug. 3, and cancer I've had to cease offering these scenes to the public.
   Some scenes I never got around to. I knew a lady who as a kid lived in that old two-story home on East Riverside Drive. Golly, she could talk about those old days. I was planning to take her out to the house to tell the current owners about living there decades ago. She died before I accomplished the task.
   Another interesting story concerned a cat. When a family moved from Edmonds to Bothell, they could not find their cat. Three months later there was a scratching at the front door. There was their cat more dead than alive. After a good meal she jumped on their laps and began to purr.
   How did she find her way to their new home? Would make a good story if she could talk.
   Years ago a couple operated a store on Old Bothell Main Street. They lived upstairs. At day's end they walked up the stairs and they were home. No long drive for them to and from work. My planned article on them did not materialize either.
   Here's a good one. Years ago in 1920 some garages were built in front of the house with their doors abutting the sidewalks. Often a singular garage door opened at the sidewalk. By opening the door, one merely backed their car out into the street or entered the garage from the door.
   On top of the garage one would find a platform on which rested a table and chairs. Home owners would often eat meals there and wave to their friends as they passed by in cars. Another planned scene I put off. Now too late.
   Cheerio, thank you,
   Oscar Roloff