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July 13, 1998

Local News

Group challenges residents to plan car-free getaways

   Plan a car-free getaway and get a free train ticket, a camera, lattes and more.
   Alt-Trans, a non-profit Seattle group, is offering those incentives for residents who use their Neighborhood Action Kit to plan a trip that doesn't require a car or put on a bicycle rodeo.
   The kit contains a map of Puget Sound that shows places to go by bus or train, and includes a voucher for a free Amtrak ticket to Portland, Centralia or Vancouver, British Columbia. It also includes information on how to put together a bicycle skills' demonstration.
   There are also vouchers for disposable cameras to record both events. Share your results and receive coupons for free Starbuck's drinks.
   According to Alt-Trans, their main goal is to offer residents tips and tools to help residents make incremental changes in their daily driving habits that could add up to safer and less congested neighborhoods.
   In Bothell, neighbors used the action kit to make signs they placed alongside the road asking drivers to slow down.
   Information on the kits is available by calling (206) 325-1185 or visiting Alt-Trans website at