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July 13, 1998

Local News

Council approves $70K severance package for ex-city manager

   by Andrew Walgamott
   Staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--The Woodinville City Council approved a separation agreement for former city manager Roy Rainey last week that totals $70,151.21.
   The council removed and suspended Rainey from office in late June.
   Under the agreement, Rainey will receive seven months pay and benefits at $6,666.66 per month in wages, $750 per month for housing, $625 per month for 401 (k), Insurance includes $59.95 a month for dental, $3.10 for life and $250.56 for medical. Also, he will receive $9,846.14 for 256 hours of vacation time, and $1,818.18 in wages that accrued from June 16 and 23.
   Rainey will be given a lump sum payment, according to Jim Katica, interim city manager.The package is nearly $6,400 more than the city previously estimated. That figure was largely based on compensation for six months wages and benefits. Mayor Don Brocha said per state law Rainey will be paid for a 30-day period after he was suspended with pay, as well as the following six months as his contract calls for, thus the seven-month deal.
   Still, Councilwoman Barbara Solberg expressed chagrin at the numbers.
   "That is $70,000 that we might well have spent on other projects in the city," she said. "But that is the cost of changing managers."
   "It's unfortunate," Brocha said," but the cost if we hadn't done this would have been ongoing and greater."
   Rainey, who phoned the Weekly Wednesday from the 7th hole of a golf course on Anderson Island where he has a home, says he has looked over the agreement and is "happy with it" but hadn't signed the document at the time.
   Woodinville will have spent almost $156,000 on city manager severance packages and searches stemming from the resignation of Joe Meneghini last year and removal of Rainey.
   And now, the search for a permanent city manager has begun again. Last week, the council hired Hulbert Associates, Inc. of Snohomish to provide candidates for the post. Under an as yet to be signed contract between the city and the firm, costs for the proposed search wouldn't exceed $16,320 with finalist interviews in September. Brocha said the council and Hulbert will meet soon to detail what the city is looking for.