Northwest NEWS

July 13, 1998

Front Page

Summer fling

 Last week's summer weather made retrieving sticks at Kenmore's Tracy Owen Station a cool pastime. Have a look.

Kenmore City Council listens to community

 Three speakers cited the county's building permit process as one that they would welcome the city taking over immediately. They felt local control would be more effective and ease the frustration often felt in dealing with King County.

Japanese delegation to be welcomed at reception

 The Cedar Park students who will be visiting Koganei, Japan in the fall will be hosting this group of Koganei Junior High students visiting Bothell.

Kenmore memorabilia wanted

 It seems that as many are looking to the future with the new City of Kenmore becoming a reality, it is also a time for reflection for some on the city's heritage.

Moon shot

 Now, here is a romantic evening.