Northwest NEWS

July 20, 1998


Band truly represents community

   There is a group of dedicated volunteers who come together once a week to play music. We have been doing this every Thursday night for five years. We call ourselves the Woodinville Community Band. Our director is Ray Guyll. His talent and loyalty is complemented by his organized wife, Barbara. She is our librarian and plays flute. There are 57 of us. We range in age from 13-77 years. Everyone is equal. The most inspiring attribute of the band is its energy and desire. We love to play; we strive for perfection in music; we practice; we are dependable and we absolutely care for one another. The awesome concept of this band is that we represent Woodinville, the city! We have been asked occasionally to update our name, make it more contemporary and sophisticated. Proudly, we say no, "community" is what we represent with our music. Ray says he'll direct us until he is no longer able. You can't get any better than that. Recently we were selected to represent Woodinville by playing two Disneyland concerts. We flew down, played one concert, had fun in the park for two days and played another concert on our departing day. The more I think about this trip, the more I laugh. There were so many stories with such a big group, and as the time passes, this adventure endears itself to me. We had a blast and gave two very fine performances.
   For the record, Carol Edwards needs recognition for envisioning this band. Five years ago, she put an advertisement in the paper for local musicians to meet in the Las Margaritas parking lot and see what happened. Well guess what? This is what happened: fun, music, friendship, pride and unity. All this in just five years! I want to thank Jim Katika, Gretchen Garth, Helen McMahon, Susan Cook and Ross, the janitor from Leota Jr. High. All these people have helped us with the operating it takes to run such a big musical group. So, when you hear about our concerts, come listen. We are happily playing our hearts out for the sake of joy, satisfaction, inspiration and our city.
   Terri Tourville, Woodinville Community Band Coordinator