Northwest NEWS

July 20, 1998


More protection and fewer homes needed

   I have recently been told about a 75-home development called the Miller Homestead Plat which will be located on the hill behind downtown Duvall. This development will severely impact the headwaters of Coe Clemmons Creek as these homes will sit on the underground aquifer system that feeds the creek.
   I have lived in this town 27 years and have experienced the devastation to the creek from previous developments that were built behind our property, which is located on Kennedy Drive. The last developer managed to change the flow of the creek resulting in hundreds of fish dying. The stream became a pudding thick mudflow.
   The city council and planning commission will be voting to approve this development July 23.
   I would strongly urge all of the property owners whose homes sit below 'the hill' to attend, as the composition of the soil in this area does not support a large development. Citizens need to insist on strong protection measures and fewer homes.
   Pamela Majeric, Duvall