Northwest NEWS

July 20, 1998


A surprise for my Norwegian gal


Photo by Oscar Roloff

Elaine Roloff and her granddaughter Michelle.

by Oscar Roloff

   Because I am ill on my wedding anniversary this year, I was unable to take my wife Elaine out to a special dinner at McDonalds.
   Thus, I asked her to bake a cake and take it over to Sal Stapleton, one of our former square dance friends.
   On the cake were the words: "Thank you so much when 15 years ago you introduced me to Elaine Hudlow." She was of Norwegian background. My previous wife had died of brain cancer.
   I took to Elaine. One day we were driving by a place where weddings were performed. We decided to unite. After we paid the two witnesses, I was broke.
   Today, thanks to Sal, that Norwegian gal and I have done well.
   In my writing, seldom do I use the word, "woman;" I use "gal." It's my way of a compliment. A closer one that is more homespun.
   Years ago Carol Edwards, who publishes the Woodinville Weekly asked me if I would write for her.
   I agreed to stick by her. She said I could write what I wanted and she'd not interfere, though at times she may have winced a bit. She's used every article I handed her.
   This article and photo will surprise my Norwegian gal.
   Today we walk hand and hand into our 16th year of marriage.