Northwest NEWS

July 20, 1998

Local News

New officers for Teen Northshore

   Teen Northshore (TNS) recently elected new officers and hired a new executive director.
   TNS is a youth advocacy organization, formed twelve years ago, to fill in the gaps left by other agencies serving youth.
   Gretchen Garth retired as TNS director. She guided TNS through its first years.
   The new director is Sue Pero. Pero is a long-time PTA officer, former chair of Northshore Together and a 3-year member of the Northshore School District Board.
   Pero will be aided by Board President Paul Shaner, a Kenmore family counselor, Dave Leggett, a Woodinville fire fighter, Pat Parkhurst, secretary, Bothell Parks, and Chuck Reidt, treasurer, a Woodinville developer.