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July 20, 1998

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Bothell grows by nearly 1,000

   by Northlake News staff
   OLYMPIA--The City of Bothell grew by 950 residents to a population of 27,300 according to the latest numbers from the state Office of Financial Management.
   OFM released its annual population estimate July 2. The numbers reflect population as of April 1, 1998.
   The King County half of Bothell accounted for 600 of the new residents while Snohomish County tallied 350 new Bothellites.
   Elsewhere in the area: Woodinville broke the 10,000 mark as 150 new people swelled its population to 10,130; Mill Creek grew by 894 to 10,692; Brier grew by 115 to 6,295; King County grew by 19,600 to 1,666,800; and, Snohomish County grew by 16,900 to 568,100.
   Statewide, population grew by 78,500 to 5,685,300, an increase of 1.4 percent from the previous year but a decline from the 1.6 percent growth rate for the previous two years, according to OFM.
   Theresa Lowe, chief demographer for OFM, said the decline was due in large part to California's economic recovery and the strength of the national economy as a whole. The relocation of the aircraft carrier Nimitz from Bremerton to Virginia contributed to the loss of about 7,000 military personnel and dependents.
   "The flood of new arrivals from California is over," Lowe said.
   She said the number of people migrating to Washington declined from 54,000 for 1997 to 43,000 for 1998. National figures show Washington as among the ten fastest growing states in the country, ranked eighth.