Northwest NEWS

July 27, 1998


Replanted pots need adoption

   The entrance to the Kenmore City Hall now has a large planter box filled with red, white and blue flowers with a U.S. flag and a Kenmore flag flying at either side.
   These are gifts to the City of Kenmore from the Beautification Committee. This gift includes maintenance as well as replacement of the flags and holders if stolen.
   Kenmore Beautification is made up of a small number of volunteers who function with small contributions. These people are not part of or connected with either the Kenmore Incorporation Committee or the City of Kenmore. Funds are more than limited. Way more has been spent than has been contributed.
   Kenmore Beautification began as an idea way back in early April and grew. A promise was made to have hanging baskets with bright flowers hung by May 8, the day of the swearing in of the new City Council. This promise was kept, but the upkeep of the baskets did not happen. Essentially all the flowers died from neglect and lack of water. Two were stolen. The pots have now been replaced, planted with all new flowers and are waiting in my back yard to be adopted for care before they will again be hung. Care will involve watering daily, pinching off blossoms and TLC. The pots are easy to reach from the ground, can be taken down. This can be done by one person at a time. Adoption can be by an individual, several people, a neighborhood, a group that is already formed for other recreation or a combination. The seven locations are all on the north side of Bothell Way, about two blocks apart.
   Having accomplished our initial goals, all other projects will have to wait until there are funds to replace the deficit. Other projects may include painting the present posts, possibly adding other posts, refurbishing the logos, adding other beautifications as suggested. Labor and materials may be needed for new projects.
   For information or to volunteer, call me at (425) 486-2036.
   Jan Allott, Kenmore