Northwest NEWS

July 27, 1998

Local News

Police beat

  There is a reminder to all of us who leave our car windows open when we go into a store. See final July 20th entry.

Witnesses say murder suspect's story changed

  Thursday, Ackley's long-time friend Lan Bidon who lives near Bear Creek Country Club, testified that he and the defendant smoked crystal methamphetamine and marijuana the night Jensen disappeared.

Cancer screening program returns

  The Breast and Cervical Health Program provides free women's health exams including mammograms and Pap smears for women age 40-64, who have low incomes and no health insurance. Get the details.

Police investigate dog's death

 A two to three year old boxer-type dog was found dead at the end of a 15-foot long rope last Wednesday night.

Kenmore reaches agreement for police services

  The three year contract calls for the city to pay the county $1.5 million for 1999. The agreement commits in excess of 30% of the new city's budget.

New ZIP code for new city

  "We will ask the City of Kenmore customers to notify their correspondents of this ZIP Code change to make the transition as orderly as possible. However, it is very important that the new ZIP Code not be used prior to Sept. 12," Bothell Postmaster Mike Martens said.

Farewell to Cedar County

  The court essentially rewrote the Constitutional provision to establish a new county, taking this right from the citizens and giving it to the Legislature to use at their discretion.


  Lucille Havannah Board-Kuhn

Bothell attracting the eyes of hotel chains

  Already the home to three hotels, with another under construction, Bothell could be home to as many as eight inns, and at least 431 more rooms, in the near future if all proposals and interests pan out.

Joetta takes on new job

  Locally trained guide dog meets new owner. Have a look.

Local business owner has a 'Reason to Ride'

  "It's a lot of money and a big personal challenge, but it's time to make a strong show of support for individuals who face the daily challenges of life with HIV/AIDS.

Sand Blast

  See the giant sand sculpture.

Evergreen Hospital opens the first of two senior health centers

  Laboratory services are also offered on-site and both centers are located on major bus routes and provide plenty of free parking for easy access.

Swimmers itch warning

  Symptoms may start within five minutes to an hour after leaving the water.

Mill Creek gets new LDS church

  It is designed to serve the Mays Pond, Everett Four and Mill Creek wards.

Evergreen Classic returns

  More than 650 exhibitors and 10,000 spectators will be headed to Redmond's Marymoor Park for this event.

Wastemobile to visit Juanita High School

  It will be here for a two week period. Mark your calendar.

Enjoy the hot weather but be careful

  During heat waves, open windows can be a hazard for toddlers. Children just learning to walk often climb on chairs and sofas to look out windows and feel a cool breeze.

Bothell Parks & Rec. programs

  There will be Music in the Park, an Electricity Camp, a Beach Party and an Arts and Crafts Fair. Get the details.