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July 27, 1998

Local News

Swimmers itch warning

   The Snohomish Health District is issuing an advisory for bathers and swimmers using any fresh water lakes to be aware of a parasitic disease called swimmers itch.
   Symptoms may start within five minutes to an hour after leaving the water. Any area of the body exposed to the water may be affected.
   Small reddish pimples will then occur within 12 to 24 hours from time of exposure. After a week or so, the itching goes away and the rash begins to heal.
   Swimmers can reduce the risk of developing swimmers itch by taking certain measures immediately after coming out of the water. Since this is not always possible, a second effective way of preventing swimmers itch is to briskly dry the entire body with a towel, including under the swimsuit immediately after leaving the water.
   If no towel is available, removing the water with the hands can be helpful. To avoid the risk of swimmers itch, it is recommended that bathers swim only in swimming pools and spas that utilize a water filtration and disinfection system.
   For more information call 425-339-5250.