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July 27, 1998

Local News

Kenmore reaches agreement for police services

   The Kenmore City Council has assumed many responsibilities since becoming a city, but none compare in scope and cost to the contract recently negotiated with the King County Sheriff's Office for police services. The three year contract calls for the city to pay the county $1.5 million for 1999. The agreement commits in excess of 30% of the new city's budget.
   City Manager Steve Anderson said, "We knew from preliminary studies approximately what police contracting would cost, and although this is at the high end of the estimate, it is well within the projected range."
   There was an air of jubilation in the council chambers at the conclusion of the final vote, which culminated days of negototiations by council staff and thorough study by the Mayor and council. Mayor Crawford said, "We all look forward to seeing police in our community wearing Kenmore Police uniforms and patrolling in our Kenmore police cars." Deputy Mayor Taylor said he was lookingforward to the visible presence of Kenmore police and was confident the whole community will appreciate an impoved police service.
   The sheriff's office will provide a pool of candidates from which the council staff will select a chief for the council to confirm.
   The chief will in turn select the officers. The total of ten officers will not differ greatly from the current staffing level for this area. However the fact that officers will be assigned exclusively to Kenmore will give a greater community identity. The contract for police services is for three years, with the city having an 18 month right of cancellation.
   The mayor and council had an opportunity to review the proposed dark blue uniforms, hats, and Kenmore police insignia. Mayor Crawford was pleased to learn that a Kenmore patrol car with the new insignia affixed will be ready for the community parade on August 30.