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July 27, 1998

Local News

New ZIP code for new city

   Residents of the new City of Kenmore will receive their mail service from the Bothell Postal Office and will use 98028 for their ZIP Code effective Sept. 12.
   Postal service in the area is now provided from Seattle's North City Station and the Bothell Post Office. About 2,240 deliveries are from North City and 5,960 from the Bothell Post Office.
   Even though mail delivery service will come out of the Bothell Post Office, residents of the new city will be able to use Kenmore in their address. However, they must use 98028 as their ZIP Code in order to facilitate sorting and processing.
   Those customers now served by North City have 98155 as their ZIP Code and those served by Bothell use 98011. They all will be required to change to 98028.
   Once the change is made, Kenmore residents will go to the Bothell Post Office to pick-up mail they receive a notice for. The address of the Bothell Post Office is 10500 Beardslee Blvd.
   Official incorporation of the new city takes place Aug. 31, 1998. However, the Postal Service will make its changes on Sept. 12, 1998 with the beginning of the new fiscal year.
   "We will ask the City of Kenmore customers to notify their correspondents of this ZIP Code change to make the transition as orderly as possible. However, it is very important that the new ZIP Code not be used prior to Sept. 12," Bothell Postmaster Mike Martens said.
   Questions may be directed to the Bothell Post Office (ZIP Code 98011) or by calling 1-800-ASK-USPS.