Northwest NEWS

July 27, 1998

Front Page

Kenmore must make Fire District decision

   On September 15 the citizens of Kenmore are being asked to continue their relationship of over 50 years with the Northshore Fire Department, originally known as the Kenmore Fire Department. This measure will not affect the cost of fire and emergency medical services presently being provided.
   The Northshore Fire Department serves the cities of Kenmore, Lake Forest Park and some surrounding areas of unincorporated King County. There are currently 44 full-time employees, including 38 professional firefighters. The two stations in the district are located in the City of Lake Forest Park and the City of Kenmore.
   State law requires that the citizens of the new City of Kenmore choose to continue their relationship with the Fire District. It is also required that the residents of the entire district approve the annexation of Kenmore to the Northshore Fire District. Unless the propositions submitted to the voters by the City of Kenmore and the Northshore Fire Department are approved, the City of Kenmore will eventually be withdrawn from the Fire District. If that should occur, the four current fire commissioners who reside within the City of Kenmore would no longer be eligible to serve on the Board.
   Fire Commissioner Carolyn Armanini, who is Chair of the Board of Commissioners, believes the best option for the City of Kenmore is to remain part of the Fire District. "We should not forget that for a long time the Fire District was Kenmore. Annexation to the Fire District would not only preserve the department's history, but was also identified as the best option for the City of Kenmore in the incorporation study and for the district as a whole." The Board hopes that the citizens agree with the Kenmore City Council and the Board.
   Anyone wishing to submit a statement in opposition to this proposal for the Voters Pamphlet should contact King County Records & Elections at (206) 296-1573.
   For more information, contact Chief Fred Baker of the Northshore Fire Department at (425) 486-2784; Carolyn Armanini, Chair of the Board of Commissioners at (206) 365-1747; or Steve Anderson, Kenmore Interim City Manager at (425) 398-8900.